If you've arrived here looking for resources to help you grow your association, trade group, or membership-based nonprofit more easily, you are in the right place.

Clients hire me to help them design and deliver exceptional member experiences.  Why?  Because they know that it is only through delivering a high-value experience that you can attract new members, keep them engaged, and get them to renew without hesitation.

If you're looking for the best place to start, I recommend The Scorecard.  In less than 10 minutes, you'll gain valuable insight into your organization's areas of strength and gap - specifically related to member attraction, engagement, and retention.

Want to have a conversation about where you feel stuck?  I'm just a mouse click away  

Available Products

[FREE] Member Experience Scorecard

Want to attract, engage, and retain members more easily?  Of course, you do!  

This tool provides you with a score for EACH of the 8 stages that members move through in their relationship with your organization.  A low score in a stage means that there's room for improvement, high score means that's a strength you can leverage.

You'll need less than 10 minutes to gain instant insight.

[PROGRAM] Growth Guaranteed Workshop

When you run a membership-based organization, growth isn't “nice to have”. Growth is absolutely essential.

In this action-focused workshop, you'll learn a 3-step model for ensuring that growth happens for ANY association, trade group, professional society, community service organization, or membership-based nonprofit.

[PROGRAM] Member Experience Makeover

WHAT is being delivered to members and HOW it is being delivered are always the two places I look first when I'm trying to help a client solve problems like:

  • slow growth;
  • no growth;
  • poor engagement; or 
  • sagging retention rates.

In this program, we dive deeeeeep into ALL 8 stages of a member's journey. We'll look at what their specific needs are in each stage, how you are currently responding to those needs, and what might need to change. You'll complete this program having clarity about what needs to happen and a clear plan for implementing changes. 

[FREE] The Joy of Membership Podcast

The Joy of Membership is a podcast for membership leaders that explores the stories of people and organizations who have asked one simple question: "how can we be helpful?"

Together, we’ll learn from their aha moments and find new ways that you, too, can be helpful and build value for your members.

[FREE] The Joy of Membership Live Broadcasts

Most of the recordings in this area are from "The Member Engagement Advantage", a weekly broadcast that was hosted for about a year before launching the current podcast. 

Topics generally centered around member growth, engagement and retention.

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