Member Experience Makeover

Member Experience Makeover

What Is This Program?

Member Experience Makeover is my signature EXPERIENCE RE-DESIGN program. As you work through the well-structured modules, you'll be guided through identification of the parts of your member experience that stifle growth and the parts that are strengths that you can build on.  

Like most makeovers, it's probably not necessary to throw *everything* out, but rather identifying the hidden assets and bring those to the forefront of what you do.  Our goal is to deliver something for members that makes them WANT to join, WANT to engage, and WANT to renew.

Our work together will take us deeeeep into ALL eight stages in the membership journey. 

Those stages are:

  • STAGE 1:  how you get potential members to DISCOVER you;
  • STAGE 2:  how you get them to CHOOSE you and join;
  • STAGE 3:  how you create a FRICTION-FREE joining experience;
  • STAGE 4:  how you WELCOME new members into your organization;
  • STAGE 5:  how you initially ORIENT members to your programs/benefits;
  • STAGE 6: how you MAINTAIN engagement over time;
  • STAGE 7:  how you PREPARE members for renewal; and
  • STAGE 8:  how you REWARD members who choose to stay.

By the time you get to the end of this program, you will know:

  • if what your offering matches up with what people want;
  • where you have opportunities to improve the member experience you're delivering; and
  • exactly where to focus going forward.

The knowledge you'll gain from this program will help you address:

  • slow growth;
  • no growth;
  • poor engagement; and
  • sagging retention rates.

Knowing HOW to assess the current value of a member experience and HOW to build something that is in alignment with what members actually want are among the most valuable skills you can have as a membership leader. 

What's Included?

  1. IMMEDIATE ACCESS to the complete program, so you can move as quickly or as slowly as you'd like through the content;

    Module 1: The Fundamentals of Experience Design
    (4 lessons + check-in)
    I'll teach you MY unique model of experience design and we'll look at YOUR membership through that lens.

    Module 2: Your 8 Stages - A Deep Dive - Part 1
    (8 lessons + check-in)
    This module covers what the 8 stages of member experience are (in case you aren't familiar) and then you'll actually start cracking open what YOUR members want in each stage. In this first part, we cover member goals, questions, and emotions, so that you can better understand what people truly need from your organization. It's often not what you expect!

    Module 3: Your 8 Stages - A Deep Dive - Part 2
    (3 lessons + check-in)
    This second part of the deep dive takes you into all the touchpoints and moments of truth that you have built into each stage. These are big difference makers in the member experience. It's not unusual for program participants to discover big gaps or to realize that they've been focused on the wrong things!

    Module 4: Identifying Opportunities for Change
    (2 lessons + check-in)
    In this module, you'll start making decisions about what needs to change. You'll determine if what you're currently doing in your membership is aligned with what members want, or if adjustments are needed.  

    Module 5: Setting Your Priorities
    (2 lessons + check-in)
    Information without action isn't very helpful, so you'll actually identify 1-2 priority areas on which to focus as you move forward from this program. 

    Module 6: Common Trouble Spots
    (1 lesson + check-in)
    Because I've seen a lot of organizations move through this work, this module shines a light on common mis-steps and pitfalls, so that you can avoid those and achieve implementation success as easily and quickly as possible.

  2. EXERCISES that walk you right through the assessment of each stage;  EVERYTHING is practical to use and designed to help you put concepts into action right away;

  3. REAL CASE STUDIES and an EXTENSIVE list of tips/ideas for every member experience stage that is sure to spark your own creative ideas;

  4. PRIVATE checkpoints with Joy for SIX WEEKS as you work through the program - choose to interact via video, audio, or text, based on what feels most natural to you; and

  5. A 60-minute POST-PROGRAM CALL to check in on your implementation and answer any questions that have come up for you as you've put your plan into motion.

Will This Be Too Advanced If I'm New to My Job or Organization?

This content is very approachable.

If you are NEW to your organization, this program gives you the opportunity to systematically assess what's being delivered to members - end-to-end.  You will learn a lot about what's important to your members and whether your organization is actually doing that.

You'll bring fresh eyes to the exercises, which will be IMMENSELY valuable for your organization.

If you don't know the answer to all of the exercise questions, that's a-OK... you may be surprised to know that many seasoned professionals also do not know all of the answers. You'll know WHAT questions to ask in order to get the answers and that's going to help you achieve results in your new role much faster.

However, this program IS NOT for you, if your ORGANIZATION is still in the planning stage.  In all of the exercises, I've assumed that your organization is already operational and that your goal is solve problems that are hindering growth.  If you don't currently have a membership up and running, please email me for other recommendations.

But I've Been with My Organization for a LOOOOONG Time... Is There Anything New for Me to Learn? 

If you are EXPERIENCED with your organization, this program gives you a NEW way to look at what members need and what your organization does. 

I promise that this is not a "how to set up a membership" program... it's a "how to create MORE value" program... because VALUE is ultimately what attracts, engages, and retains members. 

Assessing member needs and realigning what an organization does around that is never a one-time exercise.  It's something that healthy and thriving organizations do on a regular basis.

Think of this program as a new lens through which you can examine what you do.

No matter how long you've been with your current organization, the assessment and planning model that you will learn in this program is something that you can return to again and again as you design program offers and deliver ongoing service to your members.

Here's what one VERY EXPERIENCED participant shared after going through the program:
* I removed the names of the organizations she mentioned to maintain their privacy.

“First let me say that this program was worth every penny! Great value!

I am a national board member for --- and also the chapter treasurer for the ---. Our national conference is 10/4-10/6. We have a board meeting (all day) on 10/3 and then a ½ day leadership meeting with all chapters on 10/4. I can see this is going to be very valuable for us to use… I am wanting to have a committee work with me in developing a new process for all the 8 stages... I am also using this as my action plan for the Membership Strategy and Tactics Mini Sprint Team, that I chair!”

Julia D.

How Is This Program Different Than Other Courses/Programs? 

First of all, this is NOT a "course".  This is a transformational program that you will *implement*.  The content walks you through what you need to DO to create more value and deliver an exceptional member experience.

Here are some key differences:

1. Content is not dripped out Unlike most programs (even those that I've offered in the past), you are NOT tied to someone else's schedule. You get access to everything up-front. You don't have to wait for individual lessons to drip out or for a group to meet.

2.  High-touch access to the program creator.  Interaction is NOT constrained to a group discussion board, or group Zoom sessions.  Instead, you'll interact directly with me via your choice of Video, Audio, or Text, so you'll be fully supported as you move through the program.

3.  Implementation support is built in.  Beyond the content inside this program, you'll also receive a private, one-on-one session with me 30-45 days after you complete the program. We use that session to questions that have come up for you as you've worked toward implementation and we ensure that you're not struggling up against any barriers.

Is There a Payment Plan?

Yes, you can choose to pay in full with one installment of $750, or you can break that down into 3 monthly payments of $250.  

Is There a Guarantee or Refund Policy?

I guarantee that you'll be *almost* as happy as this...

Actually, I don't know if ANYONE can be THAT happy.  :)

Seriously though, if you've legitimately tried to put the material to work, done the exercises, communicated with me via check-ins, and you don't think you've gotten value out of the program, I will absolutely give you a full refund.

Of course, if you have concerns at any point in the program, I want to hear from you because that helps me make every iteration of this program even better.

I Have Some Other Questions...

Submit your question to me privately via Video, Audio, or regular old text.
Just click here to do that

Love how easy that is to do?  It's the same way I interact with people one-on-one in the program!

I'm READY!  How Do We Get This Started?

There's a yellow button right down below this question that says "Enroll Now".

Click there, fill out the sign-up form, choose your payment plan, and you'll get immediate access.

I can't wait to see you inside the program.


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